5 Books on Beauty Every Woman Should Read

5 Books on Beauty Every Woman Should Read

Books on beauty need to be considered! Today, every woman wants to look her best, its only natural. No one wants to look just average or just OK, they want to look stunning and really stand out for the best. However, there can be times when you really aren’t sure what you can do to enhance the beauty you hold. Instead of drastically overhauling your image, why not just ready a few books and find some beauty tips to help you out?

If you are absolutely in love with your hair and want your make up to look utterly fantastic, why not just pick up a few books to help you? Instead of paying over the top for beauty treatment, read the following five books on beauty to find out what you need to know. Read books and find the simple beauty secrets!Read more about 5 Books on Beauty Every Woman Should Read at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/10/beauty-books-industry_n_3404293.html

Estee: A Success Story by Estee Lauder3675764692_ff6ea05607

Books on beauty from Estee Lauder have to be one of the most popular options to consider for beauty help. This book is all about cosmetics and let’s face it, you can find out lots of amazing information right here without having to pay top dollar for the advice. This really tells you all about how Estee Lauder started out in the world of beauty and became one of the most successful and well known names of cosmetics today.


Allure: confessions of a beauty editor by Linda Wells are certainly another great book you should read this year. Books on beauty such as this Allure are really a great and fabulous beauty book. All of the beauty secrets here come from one of the world’s top editors in the beauty magazine trade. This is just amazing because you get amazing but simple tips from one of the best make up experts. You get to read all about getting into your dream job and everything in between as well.

Bobbi Brown Make Up Manual

8223528270_5cfc744212_bBobby Brown’s make up manual: for everyone from beginner to pro by Bobbi Brown is certainly one amazing beauty book that you must read! Read books like this and you are going to find out everything you need to about makeup. There are lots of amazing secrets divulged from the worldwide known make up artist and even shows you how to apply your make up without going overboard. You get lots of different tips on applying false eyelashes, make up and lots more.

Jemma Kidd Make Up Secrets:

Jemma Kidd’s Solutions to Every Woman’s Beauty Issues and Make up Dilemmas is certainly one of the best books on beauty to consider. She offers a great amount of advice on simple and minimal beauty tips to make you more appealing. The book really focuses on the less is more attitude and offers you a great option to achieving a great glow without going overboard with make up as well.

Bob Recine: Alchemy of Beauty by Rene Ricard

Read books such as this one and you are going to find out a lot of beauty secrets. Bob Recine is a top Hollywood hairstylist and has worked on lots of amazing iconic hairstyles in the world of today. The talents from Bob Recine are certainly amazing and this book offers a lot of different tips and hints about achieving some amazing hairstyle help.

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You might not be a big reader but these five books could help you when it comes to getting the best for your beauty. Beauty tips and general advice can be a great boost to help you change your over the top beauty regimes. Books on beauty can help you achieve what you want from your makeup and cosmetics.You can read more about 5 Books on Beauty Every Woman Should Read by Clicking Here.